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Dec 23, 2013

Thank you Dawkins
I lost my faith when i was 14. Just after a “sacrement”. I was supposed to receive the “saint spirit”, and I didn’t feel anything. It made me feel suspicious : before that, I felt like being part of an elite, the best people. The others were underground. And I have finally thinked: “that’s a sin! Who are you to think you’re best than other people” And then i didn’t believed in god anymore, I became an agnostic.
I really became atheist, and proud of it, by reading “the god delusion”, my new bible. Almost an active atheist. For example, now I feel bad when I see a family that teach religion to a kid, or thanks him for having faith. That’s why I won’t do that with my kid, but he ‘s only 1 year old…By the way, I am wondering if it’s good or bad to talk about Santa Claus to a kid. What do you think of that? Isn’t it the first way to believe in false facts that can throw you to religion? I see that like classic family saying to their kid (4 years old) : “that’s right, you discovered that santa claus doesn’t exist, but don’t be sad, because god exists”. If I am atheist, do I have to let him believe in santa claus? If not, I fear that the kid will be blamed by the other kids or by the teachers that want to let the other kids believe in that…
Just other few things now : I thank you, Dawkins, to be so pedagogic: I finally understood the dance of honey bies. Now a last thought to the creationnist : if you say “so why the Planck constant is so ideal to the life and permits the big bang?” I would say : “Because in other parallel worlds (prooved by Hawking), there is a bad Planck constant, no big bang, no life and no human to think it’s a perfect world.” That’s all. The observer creates the problem of why, and the civilisation finds an answer by creating a god (or many).
Thank you for reading my poor english, and for your answer. And keep being you for many many years and books (by the way, you don’t write the same thing in each book, and that’s a pleasure)…
Thibaut Soulès

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