The God delusion : Reflection, Thu, Dec 26 2013 #(2288)

Dec 26, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins
Merry Christmas
I had read your book titled “The God Delusion”, (Publication Information: Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., 2006), and had a lot of knowledge and lot of fun. Preciselly, I was founded by the artistic English by which the book was written.
To begin, I am a Shia-Muslim, originally from Iraq, currently live in Canada. I am a physician, my speciality of practice is Internal medicine. Reading a book like yours was one of my top priorities, to get insight on the subject of “Atheism”. And I considered myself very lucky for having such a nicely written book.
After reading the book, I took a time to put this reflection.
1- I will not convert.
2- I got the feeling that you are a Prophet, and this book is your Bible.
3- In the future you may be “Goded” (i.e. worshiped as a God) after your death (I wish you a long living).
4- You may be able to see or hear after tour death (in case there is life after death) that one of your followers (worshippers) are attacking a Church or a Mosque by suicide bombing because Christians or Muslims had insulted their God (or the Prophet) Richard Dawkins.
5- Today, atheists are fewer than being able to be violent. Once you established your own “Vatican” (which could be at Oxford University) and your followers’ number reaches a critical value, you are going to be violent.
6- Even Budhists can be violent when provoked. (Budhists vs. Muslims conflict in Myanmar)
7- It sounds that you must be already frustrated with your newly convert atheists. (The God Delusion, page 353)
I hate converts; they ruined the new place where they landed on. I know many examples from converts who became even more extremists than the native followers. (Shia to Sunny converts, and Sunny to Shia converts)
8- After reading your book, I think that you are a believer, Because:
i- Your religious and your religion dose not have a God.
ii- What you had written has emotions and feeling like frustration, sadness, anger and even – sometimes – violence.
iii- You and others (i.e. Creationist) agreed on the story (i.e. A marvelous wild life with plenty of varieties) But fought on the interpretation. Very much like the Shia-Sunny conflict in Islam.
iv- You disapproved whatever others (i.e. Religious people) did, and your only way of knowing the right thing, is by opposing them. A well known attitude between Shia and Sunny in Islam.
v- You jumped just like religious people to conclude what suites your beliefs (The book, The God Delusion – page 140). There, you struck the 3 Lucks model. THREE LUCKS?!! Oh, My Good. (Or, should I say – Oh, My Natural Selection?)
vi- You stated that you had dealt with every thing (The book – page 347), just like religious people said.
vii- You considered every aspect of religion is bad! Scientists, usually, agreed with one aspect and disagreed with many aspects of the others. Religious people, usually, totally refute others’ point of view. (Just like you did)
9- Your argument that “Life is complex and God is simple, so how could the simple gives rise to the complex?” was completely demolished on page 150. As Natural Selection is simple principle. So God can, simply, creates the Natural Selection principle and the natural Selection will create the complex life.
10- Your argument “If God created the universe, then, who created God?” can backfire in your face. If Natural Selection principle creates life, who created the natural Selection principle?
11- The 5th Imam (Saint) of Shia-Muslims, once said – (He (Allah, the God) must not be described with How, nor When or Where. He is the one who “Howed” the How … He is the one who “Whened” the When … He is the one who “Whered” the Where …).
12- Religiosity (not religion) is more abundant nowadays because of socioeconomic problems, not the power of the Church or the Mosque.
13- Not all religious people are afraid of death. What could say about suicide bombers?
14- Al religious people are extremists? This sounds an undo generalization. In Islam, Wahabists and Al Qaeda have such ideology.
15- You stripped every good from religion. At least leave something to me? Leave Consoling? You do not afraid from death, But I DO!
What you will say to a father of a son who is fighting leukemia? You will say (for example) – I wish the Natural Selection principle will bless him?
To conclude, I would like to thank you for reaching so far in reading my letter, and asking your forgiveness for the linguistic mistakes that I certainly did, but not aware off, as English is not my native tongue.
Best regards

Ahmed Hamandi

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