To Mr. Dawkins. Thu, Dec 26 2013 #(2200)

Dec 26, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,
Dear Mr. Dawkins,
Hope everything is fine with you. I am a 24 year old senior student from China. I have read your Book “The Selfish Gene” in the year before last. It let me came into contact with the concept of “meme”. Recently I have watched your and others’ videos about meme in the Ted speech. It is so incredible and amazing. It changed my view of the world,
As you may know, China is a socialist country, the vast majority of Chinese are atheists, but it does not mean that the spirit of science is the dominant force in Chinese culture, In the secular society, money become the most fanatical belief instead of religion, inevitably there some things made people confused and painful in this process. In this environment, I study, I work, but always feeling lack of something, Life is aimless and muddle along. But the concept of meme gene let me have a new understanding of things roundly, Now I established a Miyingxue tieba in Baidu post bar to research about the meme, I think The concept of meme and gene can explain most things in our life. In a word, your speech about religion removed my fear of superstitious . Although I am not a believer (because religions has little effect on me), but they cleared the barriers on the road to sense. Let me can distinguish between selfishness and selflessness responsibly,
Finally i has not the honor to be in an same epoch with other great men or has the opportunity to get to know them, I would like to personally thank you for share the knowledge to me
Best wishes,
Ps, Please forgive my grammar mistakes. It’s not my mother tongue.

Gan Qize

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