To very respectable, grateful, Richard Dawkins, Converts, Mon, Dec 23 2013 #(2215)

Dec 23, 2013

Thank you so much
At first, I read your . Even then, I was a devout Christian. I committed my time and energy into christianity. I managed to receive your book message as I wanted, I wanted to believe as I had been believing, wanted no confusion. I needed something to rely on. I think I was one weak seventeen girl trying to rely on ‘god.’
A few weeks ago, I got confirmation. But just before I got confirmation, I was reading your other thought provoking book, . I read your book not to be too exclusive of my religion, and I wanted to know what prestigious, respectable scientist got to say. I thought since I wanted to be a doctor, it would be nice to listen to other people(scientist) opinions. I’ve never imagined I would be atheist. But more I read your book, the more I realized what I believed for five years, from when I was twelve years old, has very high possibility of falsehood. I got angry of the attitude religion takes, urging other people to believe when they don’t provide rational explanations, and closing their ears to the opponent’s opinion, not even trying to listen. I started to believe because I wanted to be free of fear. When I was twelve years old, I had some trouble with friends and didn’t get along well. So that’s the start of my religion. My grandmother started to believe after she was told of her cancer. My grandfather started to believe when my dear grandmother passed away. I was desperate to get comfort. I’m recommended this book to my dad and mom. My dad said he would read it, but unfortunately, I got slapped in my face by mom. My mom is very committed Christian. I realized once again, how religion can make kind people irrationl sometimes. Even my dear mom. At that moment, she seemed to love her god more than me. And I’m only seventeen years old, and it was pretty difficult to get through. But i remained my opinion, that I will believe in no god, even my mom slapped me in face. I would never told my grandfather, who is 83 years old now, becaue he is getting comfort after my grandmother’s passing from the religion. But I choose not to believe in any gods from now on, and again, thanks for giving me the chance to consider other ways, other comforts than depending on god. I didn’t know there could be other, better ways to comfort, and truth than god, Whenever, I could easily think things that cannot support god existence, I just stupidly suppressed those questions. But it became hard to suppress anymore, and I’m sure i could live happily without god. Thanks to you, Richard Dawkins, huge overwhelming god theory has been lifted totally! I hope you not to be hurt or be hindered by letters that say bad things to you. I think what you’re doing is very great, but I know as well that it would be too much and selfish of me to ask you to continue to speak up for the truth, for the reasonable truth, when there are people giving unpleasant comments, maybe even threatening you. I’m deeply worried about that. But I can assure you that many people are waking out of long, dark sleep and getting hope through your many books. And I think those who criticize you without giving any rational reasons are the ones to be accused. I’m trying to be brave, Richard, and it cannot be done without you waking me from dark sleep.
Joining with you,

a seventeen girl

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