Top science and space stories of 2013


It has been a thrilling year of discovery in many areas of science, but also a sobering time — federal funding cuts threaten the future of innovation, and rising carbon dioxide levels foreshadow environmental and health challenges linked to climate change.

This was the year we learned that Mars was habitable billions of years ago, and also that Lady Gaga reportedly intends to be the first artist to sing in outer space in 2015 (will the papa-paparazzi follow?).

Let's take a spin around some of the major science stories from 2013:

Mars is the word

In 2012, we celebrated the spectacular acrobatic arrival of NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars. But this year, Curiosity proved its worth as an extraterrestrial scientist, bringing humanity the tantalizing knowledge that life could have once thrived on Mars.


Written By: Elizabeth Landau and Matt Smith
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  1. In reply to #2 by Alan4discussion:

    BUT:- Apollo astronauts did it even earlier! – and out in space – not just in the ISS.

    That is just too cute. I had no idea. =D

  2. In reply to #1 by Kim Probable:

    Bad news for Lady Gaga: Chris Hadfield has already performed a song in space. Twice.

    Hi Kim. I got Hadfield’s book “An astronauts guide to life on earth” for Xmas, and just finished it.
    I was meaning to look up these videos, so thanks for the links…. 😎 Mac.

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