Wife: Saudi blogger recommended for apostasy trial


A judge in Saudi Arabia has recommended that imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi go before a high court on a charge of apostasy, which would carry the death penalty upon conviction, according to Badawi's wife.

Ensaf Haidar initially told CNN on Wednesday that her husband had been sentenced to death. She later clarified to CNN that a judge has recommended he be tried for denouncing Islam, or apostasy. Apostasy carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, according to Amnesty International.

In July, a Jeddah criminal court found Badawi, who has been in prison since June 2012, guilty of insulting Islam through his Free Saudi Liberals website and in television comments.

Written By: Salma Abdelaziz
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  1. So have we officially called for a boycott of all countries that do this to our fellow atheists? I think any atheist who is required travel to this country can safely argue against their deployment without threat of reprisal from their company, on religious grounds.

  2. Persecuted Christians? Those most at risk are those who renounce or reject religion. Let’s hear from you Prince Charles, defender of faiths. The skewed position of Prince Charles stems from the outrageous privilege of the Church of England. The monarch (and the prospective monarch) are constitutionally prevented from taking a neutral secularist stance in favour of everybody, those of all religions and none. Long past time to bring the British constitution (unwritten or not) into line with civilized standards.

  3. Here we go again. Round of new fresh petitions, put pressures on our glorious leaders to put pressure on the feckless morons, and let’s get this man out of jail.

    Where do I sign! Who do I call! Boycott the Bahrain GP 2014!

  4. I hope he and others are allowed out of jail and perhaps exiled to Lebanon with his family….Saudi leaders should take a lead from Putin’s recent action and be merciful on innocent people who are not criminal and don’t pose any real threat to the establishment……let them free……

  5. “Some clerics even branded him an unbeliever and apostate.”
    Awww, tell me is isn’t so! Imams are a pox on the Earth.

    “Apostasy carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, according to Amnesty International.”
    Ah, the cowardice of the liberal media. It simply can’t bring itself to say “Apostasy carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia” without attributing such knowledge to some other entity. And, why not go one step more and talk about how apostasy is just a superstition. And, why not go one more step and label SA a kingdom of blood-lust Islamic clowns?

  6. Where, I want to know, is the outrage from all of the “moderate” islamic community that we hear so much about and about which we must be tolerant, and “accepting.”

  7. It seems to me that the Saudi government’s treatment of atheists is a crime against humanity and if this man is executed for failing to believe in the Islamic god, those responsible for his death should be brought before the International Criminal Court.

  8. As I always say the west readily condemns hard line Muslim States unless it is one that they back and gives them most oil.

  9. Judge indeed! He ought to be ashamed of himself. This is NOT justice.

    An innocent man imprisoned and facing death from a ‘ higher court’ while child rapists and women abusers walk the land with impunity.Sick to my stomach.

  10. “Apostasy carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, according to Amnesty International.”

    So is it true or not? Why the “according to Amnesty International” qualifier? If you are going to post news about the Saudi legal system should you not at least verify some facts? This one should be trivial to do.

  11. the sooner we cold turkey from our oil addiction then sooner we can start bombing the bastards!

  12. The Saudis can do just as they please as long as they have oil to sell to the US, which in turn provides the Muslim lunatics with all they wish of weapons, money and good-will. And please note that while Muslim regimes constantly refer to honour and respect for their Prophet and faith, their “justice” is based on fundamental cowardice, decapitating apostates and homosexuals,raping and stoning women and mistreating children. Calling for help from “moderate” muslims is of no use, they do not seem to dare or care. Maybe avaaz.org could start a petition to free Raif Badawi?

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