became athiest, Converts, Sat, Jan 11 2014 #(2332)

Jan 11, 2014

I was born with jewish parents so fallowed religion , then became a christian in 87 . argued in time square with muslim and jehovah witness, always said you cant find mistakes in the bible that is why jesus is god.even though i was born again i always was pro choice and or gay rights even though my fellow church members didn’t like my stand. i always said if your going to our church you cant get an abortion or be gay cos its sin. if not in church believe what you want its not my busyness .
in 2011 my friend and her husband told me about harold camping and the rapture on may 21 2011 end of world oct 21 1011.
they said earth is 13 thousand years old , i said no its 4.5 billion years old and dinosaurs and man weren’t on it together. they told me it was made up science l said we’ll see.
when nothing happened like i knew it wouldn’t l looked up books by richard dawkins and christopher hitchens and found mistakes in bible. that is how l became an atheist . science hasn’t proved what happens when we die or how big bang started i always tell religious people i don’t know but science always keeps looking, i use michael shermers saying when somene who lost an arm or a leg and a christian prays and it grows back, ill believe in god. until i’m still looking.

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