Blind Faith!!! Sat, Jan 11 2014 #(2237)

Jan 11, 2014

Dear Richard and others
I was born in a Muslim family and grown up in an incredibly dogmatic and fanatic Islamic Society in an underdeveloped country. The worst case scenario of all the time! But even as a child, I realized something. I mean I had many questions for which there were no answers in that time. My mind was always searching for a tiny proof or any kinds of sensible and perceptible evidence for the nonsense of Islamic claims. As I turned into a teenage, I came to know that there are too many other religions as well. But all of them, just like Islam, are based merely on Myths with no real and sensible proofs. Years passed by and I used to pray and fast and … so on and obviously against my will. But at the same time, I never stopped searching for new ideas until I was accidentally shown a short video clip of a British evolutionary biologist, the so called Ayatullah of Atheism, by a friend. Since then, I have followed his speeches and ideas, dialogues and books. I think it is worth it. I think he is the “The Charles Darwin” of our age. He has profoundly transformed the views of the masses regarding the FACT of Evolution (not the theory of Evolution) and introduced it in his own special way, which led too many people to compare it once again with the myths of religions. He has gone one step even further by questioning the immunity of all religions from any kinds of criticism being too careful not to disrespect any religions, no matter whatever supernatural nonsense they teach the masses. And the great point is “Why this blind respect to religions???” In short, he is said to have paved the ground in some ways to commence a new Renaissance and Enlightenment at the dawn of the third millennium.
When I sometimes quote some of Richard Dawkins’ sentences, I am usually accused of being brainwashed by an ordinary scientist. But the reality is that I don’t worship him or have unquestionable and blind faith in him. In fact I don’t believe in everything he claims only and only because he is Professor Richard Dawkins; conversely, I do as long as he has got enough reasons based on evidence and rationality. And I do urge everybody else: don’t believe any claims by any scientists unless they provide enough evidence for their claims no matter who that scientist might be. The moment Richard says something irrational and based on no evidence, we are all to speak up and say: Richard, please stop the …!
After all, I should admit that I was really impressed by a new God, whom I had known nothing about before Richard introduced him during one his speeches and he is “The Great Juju up on the mountains”, who sometime goes to the bottom of seas as well. And like all other theists writing letters to you in this website, I do advise you Richard that if you don’t want to be cursed by The Almighty Great Juju and spend you eternity in Hell, please return to the right path and believe in the Great Juju up on the mountains. I ask The Almighty Great Juju in my every pray to forgive you and you must not doubt him and his omniscience and omnipotence like The Christ of the Bible, The Almighty Allah of the Quran, Wotan, Thor, Zeus, Apollo … and so on because he is different. Why is he different? Because I believe in him and never forget that you have to respect my blind faith Richard! Otherwise, I would be offended as a Jujuist.
Wish you success and may The Great Juju bless you Richard!!!
P.S. Sorry to ridicule the other Gods by mentioning the Great Juju! But the point is: What is really the difference between the Great Juju and all the rest? Is that really because a large number of people believe and have unquestionable faith in The Christ and Allah that exalted them and made them more acceptable that The Great Juju? What if I, as a Jujuist, am proud of my God and religion like everybody else, be it a Muslim, Hindu or even an evangelic Christian, which is by some claimed to be the most developed and civilized religion of the present era?
An ever atheist friend


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