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Jan 5, 2014

Dear Professor Dawkins,
I’m a grown man, i found pleasant that in our current moment, we are having an opportunity for our lives. I can envision a total transformation in the world in the thinking about the human conception of god. I was born catholic even I did my first communion but something did not worked well when I turned 13. Since I read several books in science I noticed a total fear in questioning the existence of god. As a young person I joined the Islam perhaps in the idea that they were friendly to science, my real passion. But now I have full understanding about the complete contradiction in several topics, the hypocrisy of Jesus figure and the usage of god to justified when someone break the law. So I wonder how we can do more to motivate people to join the growing group of people who wanted to be free of religion, but instead wanted to be agnostic, not religion person or atheist? Also who we can promote the need of more people in science to turn the majority of the young people into a more critical thinking person rather than a grown xenophobic, illiterate people that they are a drag for the future of our existence as human race. I wish I can form a group here or join a group understanding the urgent need to take more people away from the illiteracy when they are sunk on it.
My best pleasure sir. I hope I can be chosen to initiate such a project and find common grounds with people interested.
Carlos Minjarez

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