Federal judge: Oklahoma ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional


A federal judge ruled Tuesday that an Oklahoma law limiting marriage to heterosexual couples violates the U.S. Constitution, giving yet another victory to same-sex marriage supporters.

U.S. District Court Judge Terence Kern said the court would not immediately enforce this ruling — therefore not opening the doors right away to marriages of gay and lesbian couples in Oklahoma — pending appeals. Still, he delivered a clear opinion on how the voter-approved Oklahoma state constitutional amendment relates to the U.S. Constitution.

"The Court holds that Oklahoma's constitutional amendment limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution," the judge wrote, saying that protection "is at the very heart of our legal system."

His decision specifically deals with "Part A" of an Oklahoma Constitutional amendment that says, in part, "marriage in this state shall consist only of the union of one man and one woman."

Kern said that "the Court's rationality review reveals Part A an arbitrary, irrational exclusion of just one class of Oklahoma citizens from a government benefit." Proponents of the state constitutional measure, he points out, "purposefully (drew a line) between two groups of Oklahoma citizens — same-sex couples desiring an Oklahoma marriage license and opposite-sex couples desiring (a) marriage license."

Written By: Greg Botelho
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  1. Well, apart from anything else, I’d wager that one of the two women pictured loves the other one!

  2. An aribitary irrational exclusion just about covers it, usually the god botherers say it goes against their book of fairy tales which pretty much sums up the stupidity of the bible.

  3. It’s the thin end of the wedge ah tells y’all! Y’all let them gay folks git marred – next thing, everybody’s running around wearing two types of cloth, an’ eating seafood, an cutting their hair, an not whuppin they kids proper. An they’ll be covetin’ one another’s oxen – specially the real purdy ones (not thar wives though cus they’s gay), an devil worshippin. probably. It’ll be the end of civilization, ah till yah!. Federal government is all Democrat communists and probably Muslims or some shit. Now put yer hands together an pray with me, pray til your eyes bleed! Oh Lord, in your mercy, smite the gays… with their spandex shorts stritched over they tight buttocks, showing they smooth, muscular chests, and they bulging packets….oh smite them Lord, oh yes! Ohhh that’s good!

  4. I reckon it’s quite simple really:

    Some people just don’t understand what love is!

    Others think sex is sinful, but are none the less extremely keen to know what other people are doing in the privacy of their bedroom; or wherever they choose to indulge.

    I think that the first type of individual is sad, and the second, sad and prurient; both, most probably, are religious.

    Can it therefore be concluded that religion can make you sad and or prurient?

    Or, are one or other, or both of those dispositions, prerequisites of becoming religious?

    Time for a cup of tea I think.

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