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Jan 5, 2014

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

Thank you for spreading truth. I used to be a Mormon; now I am an Atheist. Though I already abandoned Mormonism a while back, I was “on the Agnostic fence” until I read ‘The God Delusion’ and realized how happy I was to deny an oppressive, angry and vindictive god. For people who may not know the Mormon theology– they believe that ‘temple married’ members can become gods/goddesses (though they still think themselves monotheistic?) one day and that men can have an infinite number of wives in heaven– though the church still stresses that they do not believe in polygamy. Ladies are not left out of the equation, but told (sweetly) that they can bear children and have heavenly families for eternity. That is supposedly their most precious gift and only calling in life. How benevolent that seems for men, who have heavenly sex and get to have the final word forever. But I began to wonder (as a woman who doesn’t not like the idea of having children), will we have heavenly anesthesiologists? Because I can guarantee, having millions of babies for a sex-crazed husband for all of eternity without a heavenly epidural would be HELL.

But I digress. I thank you for the work you are doing to spread the truth. I realized that my mental distress in life stemmed from disappointing a heavily hierarchical community in two lifetimes. The realization that the men in the church have no real authority and that I only have ONE lifetime, makes my decision to leave all the easier.

Your explanations about the origins of life and the universe are funny on a wonderfully understandable academic level. When I read your book, I know that you are speaking to men AND women as equals. That gives me hope for the future, since my path as a member had been laid out by men that neither cared for me, nor my innate love of science and the arts. I am finally happy to distance myself from a man-made, flawed organization that told me to my face that I was ‘led by Satan’ because I chose a non-conformist career for a woman. Thankfully, I do not believe in Satan anymore. And I don’t believe in God so if he chose to strike me down (like I’ve been taught), it sure would be a fun surprise!

I am grateful to enjoy life, treat others with respect and do my best to leave the world better than I found it because, thankfully, there is no second chance.
Grateful Non-Theist

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