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Jan 5, 2014

Prof Dawkins
I’m originally from South America and raised a staunch catholic. I have had family and girlfriends of my ethnicity call me a heathen, a Godless servant of the Lord of Hell and other stupid labels. I got a Fulbright Scholarship and went to college, read plenty of books and I consider myself a history buff and a science fan. I have been given religious books as gifts (never read them), had a former girlfriend sign me up for a catholic retreat so that I could “find my inner and forgotten God-loving self that somehow got lost after reading books that are away from God in heaven”, I had my mom try to drag me to church and I’ve met people whose ideas and religious views are very close to the definition of fanatical. Your book “The God Delusion” was a great read! I have ordered copies in spanish (from Amazon Spain) to give away to others. Thank you very much for your crusade against religion (Pun INTENDED). Looking forward to reading all of your other books. Now I know I’m not alone….
Ateo Latino

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