Is the American Atheist Magazine at your Barnes and Noble?


We are THRILLED to announce our 1st Quarter 2014 American Atheist Magazine: A Journal of Atheist News and Thought!

This is a very special issue. As our editor discusses in her letter from the editor, this edition is a handbook for coming out of the closet. We are reaching out to a brand-new audience of atheists while still providing a huge amount of great columns and fun info for our long-time and regular readers.

…and even better, it features a 1-on-1 interview with Richard Dawkins—and includes a picture his wife took of him making the Dave Silverman "WTF?" meme face as an inset on the cover!

What else makes this edition so special? American Atheist Magazine is normally available in select Barnes & Noble and Book World stores, or by subscription from our website.

For this issue, American Atheists has worked out a special deal with Barnes & Noble corporate: For 1st Quarter 2014, our magazine is available in EVERY SINGLE Barnes & Noble store nationwide. Further, we have arranged for our magazine to be displayed in the FRONT ROW of the magazine rack in EVERY STORE beginning today.

So here's the favor mentioned above:

We want you to visit your local Barnes & Noble. If you're not a subscriber, buy a copy & check it out! We would like for you to take a photo of our magazine on the shelf so we can make sure our magazine is being displayed in the front row as our arrangement guarantees.

You can post your pictures as a comment at the link below, or on our Facebook Wall as a separate post, or you can email them to If you see that our magazine is NOT being displayed in the front row, PLEASE LET THE STORE MANAGEMENT AND US KNOW!

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  1. Excellent, I will do my part by checking out local stores. I may not get to one until Saturday, perhaps they will sell out 😀

  2. This is great. Unfortunately we don’t have a B&N here. As an aside, I’ve noticed at grocery stores and the like that religious magazines are often placed in the same section as archeology and science. Whenever I see that I put a copy of SA or an
    equivalent over the offending faith stuff.

    At any rate, congratulations. Great cover.


  3. I would be curious to learn how you managed to get such a deal with Barnes & Noble…….. I just spent 5 of the more frustrating minutes of my life, trying to find if there is a Barnes & Noble store in my area. Using Google to try to find a B&N store in Canada is a waste of time. Talk about spinning your wheels ! I was able to find a comment by some web user to the effect there ARE no B&N stores in Canada. We will have to use Chapters or Indigo. Maybe WH Smith ? But then I suppose there is no similar deal with them.

  4. I checked the B&N in Augusta, Maine. The magazine is there, however it is on the second row buried behind a magazine called “Mother Jones” in the “Current Events” section. All copies are now mysteriously in the first row. No doubt they will move them back when they restock the shelf. It was evening when I checked, consequently nobody of authority was available to talk to about it, other than a very young and confused clerk. I did notice that each magazine has it’s name stenciled into the shelf behind the last copy, however American Atheist does not have a stencil and is currently using another magazine’s area. I recommend that you contact B&N about getting your own permanent spot.

  5. Just got back from the B&N in Vernon Hills, IL (known affectionately as “Vermin Hills”). The magazine was there, but it was in the back of the rack. I approached a B&N employee who told me he knew nothing about it, but would ask the manager. Then I moved the magazines up front. 🙂

    I’ll post my images on the FaceBook page.


  6. I stopped in at the Barnes & Noble in Deer Park, IL, on the way home from work today. I did not see the magazine. I asked an employee who was working in the area where American Atheist was.He said “Hmmm… it should be here…” and in about 10 seconds located a stack in the front of the rack… behind a single copy of Look magazine. He put the Look back where it belonged.

    As a matter of personal curiosity: what kind of an arrangement was made with Barnes & Noble to get them to agree to this? I mean, is there a financial incentive or something of the sort?

    As a second thought, it wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of B&N stores were plagued by people, random or even organized, concealing the American Atheist magazine.


  7. Found and purchased at Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square Barnes and Noble. Not in the front row by any means, but not hidden either.

  8. Not any more! I scoured the rack where I’d purchased the January and February 2015 issues. Then I enlisted 2 employees to search the computer and the racks. Four March issues were supposed to be in stock. Finally, after I’d spent about 1/2 hour searching (and organizing the section in the process), a manager came to tell me that they’d stopped carrying it. “We re-orgainized, cancelling 100 periodicals and adding 200 different ones.” I hope this isn’t a B&N Corporate-wide action!

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