Religion as I have known it, Converts, Sun, Jan 05 2014 #(2310)

Jan 5, 2014

Dear Professor Dawkins,
Jolly good show on The God Delusion. I am a 65-year old scientist WASA [White Anglo Saxon Atheist (now)]. I have never really been all that keen on religion and wasn’t really brought up on it so to speak. Even so, as you so aptly explain it can get under one’s skin and in one’s head. Not any more. I have been a Methodist, a Presbyterian, and participated in Buddhism and Hindu practices and services on and off over a good portion of my life. I usually could not last more than 8 or 10 months before the analytical side of my brain and my scientific training won out and I would stop my religious surfing, for years at a stretch sometimes. Right next to a family bible given to my wife and I at our wedding I keep Hitchens’ Portable Atheist, and now The God Delusion. I feel cleansed and a lot more honest with myself now, thanks in large part to your powers of explanation. Thank you.

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