Revista Ateista: New Brazilian atheist magazine!


Revista Ateista is a new magazine out of Brazil. Brazil is one of the most religious countries in the world and starting an atheist based magazine there is no easy feat.


If you are interested in learning more about the magazine, downloading and reading an issue or just helping to spread the word about this up and comer, click here to visit their site.

Click the cover below to read issue 3.

Revista Ateista

Written By: RDFRS
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  1. Eight Brazilian atheists went to São Paulo last week. On hearing the news, Pat Robertson said “OMG! Christianity under attack! (How many’s a brazilian?)”

  2. Unfortunately, this magazine is more concerned with ridicule religion (especially christianity) than teaching science. It is full, prejudice, ranger and historical and theological errors. They say that atheists are discriminated against, which does not occur (on the contrary, religious magazines do not attack atheists). There are better educated for atheists to an atheist magazine.

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