1. Good work, Road to Reason team. Getting better with each program, IMO.

    The young “Iraqi writer” looks like a live wire, too. What a potential talent!

  2. As someone who’s benefited all their life from The National Health Service (NHS), which is free at the point of use for everyone, I’m bemused by the negative reactions towards Obama Care; I can only surmise that they stem out of ignorance.

    No, that’s wrong, I don’t suppose, I know it!

    Am I being cynical in asking if it’s feasible that many if not all the objectors have shares in the insurance companies that at present sell health insurance at a premium?

    Shame on you Stafford!

    Slaps own wrist.

    Or have they simply been duped by the utter nonsense spouted by the political troglodytes?

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