The faith virus deconstructed in ‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’


The title alone will stop you in your tracks, “A Manual for Creating Atheists”, a new book by philosopher Peter Boghossian.

At first glance, I thought I was look at atheist proselytizing, the very thing we atheists often stand against. I was wrong, and in a really good way.

This book will in fact create atheists, and this book will make you the creator of some, but it will not be by preaching atheism, denouncing god or even denouncing religion. You are going to create atheists by simply learning how to talk about and discuss faithlike never before.

Faith, as Boghossian describes is claiming to know something you don’t know. Others, such as Richard Dawkins have used similar definitions such as belief without evidence. This definition works just as well and keeping that in mind will help you understand this book even further.

Many atheists, like myself love a good debate or even just a discussion –or as Boghossian refers to them, interventions– about why we gave up the idea of God, or why we left religion but for many these discussions revolve around picking apart evil in the Bible, or simply just how unlikely a God is. However, and I can speak from experience, how many minds have changed from anyone saying God does not exist and really convinced a believer otherwise based on our account of the world and universe alone? None? One if you are lucky?

Written By: Dan Arel
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  1. I’m reading this book now. It’s an easy read with lots of references to popular atheists, which I like. Some of his observations still have me laughing, like the woman in the health food store wearing relaxed clothing (RC). I really like his personality in the book. If you’re an atheist I think you can’t go wrong getting this book.

  2. I expect Bill Nye the science guy to have read this by the time he engages with Ken Ham the bleating lamb.

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