Catholic Church withholding millions from victims, alleges government


Court documents obtained by CBC News allege that the Catholic Church is withholding millions from former students of Indian residential schools. 

The church was part of the Indian residential school settlement reached in 2006. While the government paid the lion’s share of the billion-dollar settlement, the churches were also required to make reparations.The Anglican, Presbyterian and United churches have met their obligations, but according to the federal government, the Catholic Church is shirking its responsibility. 

The Aboriginal Healing Foundation is one organization that was slated to receive funds from the Catholic Church. 

"We're trying to get blood from a stone," says Mike DeGagne, former head of the organization.

He says the foundation was supposed to receive $29 million from the church.

"But then, the Catholics were allowed to subtract a number of expenses they'd already incurred, so it got down to about $18 million and about $1.6 million is still outstanding."

Written By: Connie Walker
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  1. ” The Anglican, Presbyterian and United churches have met their obligations, but according to the federal government, the Catholic Church is shirking its responsibility. “

    Saving court cost money from molestation suits? Need more stained glass? More silver and gold? Bingo prize money needed?

    Nah, with this church it is always about the money and power. And the catholic church has long known that money is what they have left as the secular authorities really have cut down on their power since the Middle Ages!

  2. Wow, what a shocker.

    The Catholic church has centuries of experience screwing people seven ways to Sunday – why would they meekly cough up for those few filthy pagans they steamrolled just a few paltry decades ago? After all, they’re busy expensively defending their pervy priests from those gold-digging molestation victims! And have you seen the upkeep on the Vatican? Something has to be left to keep the marble waxed and pay the power bills for all their climate-controlled art vaults, not to mention buying some new gilded pointy pope hats and bullet-proof popemobiles once in a while! Really!

  3. Who would have seen that coming? The RCC deciding that it has no intention of paying money it ows to people it has abused, more proof that the very wealthy will always seek ways of getting more money especially off the backs of the poor.

  4. Expenses incurred? Well I suppose it is expensive running hell hole orphanages and Magdalene laundries. Seminaries for producing nuns and priests from humans don’t run on thin air you know not even incantations for that matter (nor does god pitch in with any logistic help). Then there is the cost of concealing and moving dozens of child molesters around while still employing them instead of sacking them. Look at the expense they have coping with the public relations disaster which is entirely due to the unwarranted attacks on the integrity of the church by secular activist fundamentalists. Heh Heh, like any of this would only make sense to someone whose empathy and morality were totally warped by the love of Jeeezus.

  5. Having read other reports, to try and get a better picture it appears that The Catholic Organisations were supposed to pay $29m as the first phase of a three phase settlement. $8.5m had already been paid as a result of court settlements leaving $20.5m due to be paid, 80% to the Aboriginal Healing Foundaton and 20% to other causes. They have actually paid over the $16.4m but Mike DeGagne cites that ‘about’ $18m should have been paid leaving the £1.6 ‘millions’ being ‘withheld’. It looks to be a dispute about the interpretation of the agreement.
    The second phase called for the payment of $25m through ‘kind services’. According to a Catholic source this was well exceeded and they stopped counting after $30m. The third phase called for them to make ‘best efforts’ to raise $25m. This is still ongoing but is apparently well short of the target so far.

  6. From the article: “If most Catholics knew this, they would be appalled.”

    Clearly, Catholics have a different definition of ‘being appalled’ than the rest of us, or there wouldn’t be any Catholics left.

  7. meanwhile back in the UK:-

    An 85-year-old Catholic priest has pleaded guilty to a series of child-related sex offences after being extradited from Tenerife. –

    In a hearing at Derby Crown Court, Francis Paul Cullen admitted 21 counts of indecent assault of seven children.

    The abuse, of boys and girls from 6 to 16, took place between 1957 and 1991.

    Cullen, born in Dublin, worked in Scunthorpe, Leicester, Nottingham and Alfreton, Buxton and Mackworth, Derbyshire.

    A spokesman for the Diocese of Nottingham said he was pleased Cullen had “taken responsibility for his terrible crimes”.

    Cullen was first arrested in Nottingham in 1991, but he skipped bail and fled to Tenerife in Spain where he lived for more than 20 years.

    I would suggest that becoming too old to run any more, or to fight or dodge extradition, does not represent “taking responsibility”.

  8. 20 years “on the run” isn’t exactly taking responsibility for actions. It is 20 years of sleeping easy. If he gets the sentence he deserves he’ll die in the slammer.

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