Meet the Amazing TAMers: Shane Greenup

Feb 10, 2014

Joel Guttormson, Operations Coordinator for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, interviews speakers from TAM 2013 presented by the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Shane Greenup graduated from the University of NSW with a degree in Science, majoring in Molecular Biology (hons), and Arts, double majoring in Philosophy and the History and Philosophy of Science. After graduating he founded his own internet business and has been operating that and spending his time working on interesting projects ever since.

Shane founded rbutr early in 2012 and has dedicated his time ever since then to bringing rbutr to the world, and changing the internet from its current passive information delivery nature in to a system which teaches people how to be skeptical of the information they find online, and how to critically analyse that information.

Shane is a skeptic, a transhumanist, an entrepreneur, a lover of science and philosophy, an extreme sports enthusiast and a world traveler.

About rbutr: It is simply a semantic map of ‘claim-rebuttal’ connections. rbutr does not create content, or hold debates – rbutr stores information about one URL being rebutted by a second URL. The connections are crowdsourced, and any URL can be used as a rebuttal against multiple pages, and/or rebutted by multiple other URLs.

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