Rbutr Makes it Easier to Flag Online Misinformation


Rbutr has been working away for a number of years already, serving as a ‘peer review’ system for the Internet, letting users follow rebuttals for information contained within certain Web pages.

In a nutshell, Rbutr lets you follow inter-website disagreements. Found great evidence or counter-arguments to an online article? Rbutr helps you connects the dots.

Though Rbutr in its original guise was available for Chrome only, it has since been added to Firefox too. And now, Rbutr is making it easier to for anyone to access the service with a platform-independent toolbar, which is accessed simply by adding rbutr.com/ to the start of any URL. No plugins needed.

When you do this, it essentially reloads the whole page within a separate Frame which displays the rebutting pages and any disputes. Though it can be a little fiddly manually adding this to the start of any URL, it’s certainly a step forward for the technology in terms of making it accessible to those who prefer not to use Chrome or Firefox.

Written By: Paul Sawers
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