What Would You Expect To See (or Not See) In Nature If I.D Was Fact?

Feb 17, 2014

Discussion by: RDfan

Tones of evidence — from comparative genetics, the fossil record, the geographical distribution of species, radiometric dating of fossils in sedimentary rocks — come together to confirm the fact of Evolution. 

But what if the opposite was true; that Intelligent Design was a fact? Leaving aside the many arguments against I.D, let's try to imagine what we would expect to see, or not see, in nature if I.D was a fact.

My first guess would be this: If I.D were a fact, we would not expect to see vestigial limbs — as we see in the hidden "legs" of some creatures that nolonger walk — whales and snakes, for example. 

So, to repeat my question: what would you expect to see, or not see, in nature if I.D was fact?


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