China: Cash reward for rescuing Yangtze finless porpoises


People who save a rare freshwater mammal found only in China's Yangtze River basin can claim a cash prize from the local fisheries bureau, it appears.

Reporting that a Yangtze finless porpoise has been injured or is at risk – and helping save the animal before officials arrive – could be rewarded with 300 yuan ($48, £29), the People's Daily newspaper says. A smaller reward of 100 yuan could be given to residents who report the death of a porpoise, or supply tips.

It is thought only about 1,000 of these freshwater animals remain in the wild. About half the population lives in Poyang Lake, which supplies the Yangtze River. The population has seen a dramatic crash recently, falling by nearly 14% each year since 2006, according to an official report from 2013.

Written By: BBC
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  1. If pollution, dams, and drought are to blame as the article states, I don’t know how that reward could possibly help at all.

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