God’s Psychological Profile

Mar 12, 2014

Discussion by: David R Allen

I've often wondered what a group of psychologists would make of god if they were presented with a list of behaviours described in the bible, but were not told who the person they were profiling was.  How would they assess god.  The following is what I think would be high on their lists.

Narcissistic.  God likes to be praised.  If you don't praise him, he will either kill you, send you to hell or excommunicate you.  This suggests a fragile and shallow ego that can't exist without the approval of others. The praise must be elaborate and expensive and must be constant.  Just saying. "I like you god." is not enough.  You have to repeat this praise for your whole life. 

Sociopath / Psychopath.  God is probably the greatest serial killer of all time.  He kills without conscience.  He kills children too young to have formed evil intent.  He selects his victims on racial grounds or because they don't worship and adore him.  He kills animals and plants en masse.  Again a sure sign of a serial killer who lacks empathy or a conscience.  This is not an entity that should be used as a role model for morality or ethical behavior. 

Exclusionary and corrupt.  God has favourites.  Far from all humans being created equal, god selected one tribe out of all of the millions on the planet and decide they were his pet humans.  God used omnipotent powers to commit a genocide against people that were not of that select tribe, ethnically cleansed a piece of land for the exclusive use of one tribe, and then abandoned them shortly after to suffer a similar genocide in later history.  This suggests that god's rationale for selecting his favourites is shallow and unreliable.  God's promises cannot be trusted.  God can also be swayed by bribes, gifts and offerings.  The more brutal the offering, the more god likes it.  A sure sign of a narcissistic cult mentality.

Disorganized and slap dash. There is much evidence of overkill (great floods, fires, earthquakes, etc), signifying rage and frustration. There is no pattern to these events as well, usually because disorganized killers are guided by delusion. They also don't try to hide what they do (quite the opposite – God has very noticeable M.O.s). Usually disorganized killers have poor interpersonal skills and their extreme psychosis causes them to be solitary.   God's motivation is often vengeance.  If he feels a slight, he is likely to overreact and kill en masse, rather that retribution to the individual.  What offends god changes with time so it is very dangerous for humanity to do anything, lest god suddenly find this behaviour offensive, and send down another flood to wipe out life on earth, except his favourites.

Poor attention to detail.  As a creator, god's science project, life in the universe and us, is a hodge podge of sticky tape and glue.  The defects or poor design in life on earth are myriad and obvious.  I won't list them as they have been the subject of brilliant exposure elsewhere in this discussion community.

You get the picture.  I'm sure many more character flaws can be found in god's psychological profile given time.  I found a psychological profile of god written by a student criminal profiler, which inspired this discussion suggestion.  The full text can be found here.



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  • Just an aside but…. hallelujah! Some new topics to think about!

    This is the psychological profile of a seriously disturbed individual though methinks these attributes would have held a lot of sway a few thousand years ago. These would have been the characteristics of a great and powerful leader. We’ve refined the qualities that we consider to be the hallmarks of a good person to the extent that there’s little resemblance to the personification of the god of the abrahamic religions.

    I’ve noticed a trend away from the angry old man in the sky notion, towards a more vague life force concept of a deity, (ones described as deists in The God Delusion.) Of course there are still plenty of the old style left in circulation, as evidenced by some commentators in a previous thread.

  • In reply to #3 by sdelsolray:

    “God’s” psychological profile will likely mirror the humans who invented him. It’s a mere projection.

    Yes. People, perhaps often forget this. :). This is a lovely reminder of gods characteristics,… prof.Dawkins showed us some in his “The god delusion”, but it is always nice to hear it again ;).

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    QuestioningKat says:

    Delusions of grandeur – perhaps a narcissistic or borderline personality disorder. I don’t think he heard voices so that would rule out schizophrenia.

    Possible denial of latent homosexual tendencies. Supposedly single and hung around with all these men. Questionable relationship with John or was it Lazarus?

    If he was the oldest of the family that might explain his sense of entitlement and leadership qualities. If he were an only child (I doubt) I think he would be more unable to compromise and expect people to do as he demanded. hey wait.


    narcissistic – demands exclusive worship, demands recognition for his achievements, demands worship

    flies into a blind rage at the slightest provocation
    intermittent explosive disorder – smiting masses, causing a flood to wipe out humanity, turning people into pillars of stone if they dared look back.

    control freak – demands obedience, watches peoples genitals to control reproduction

    sexually repressed – Certain not like the Pagans….

    feelings of insecurity – needs lots of prayers

    Gives with the expectation of worship -Has genuine desire to help people but demands thanks, praise, worship. Otherwise, watch out.

    feelings of inadequacy (Strange how this shows up. You think an all powerful being who supposedly created the universe wouldn’t think like a mere human.)

    misogynist – Those damned women need to know their place.

    preoccupied with power

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    SaganTheCat says:

    friendly, curious, always asking people to question authority suggests he’s highly intelligent but without arrogance. he seems genuinely concerned about people’s hapiness, encouraging them to do whatever feels right if it doesn’t hurt anyone. Admittedly taking his advice can lead you to regret it but it’s not like you hadn’t been warned already and the outcome is usually not as bad as you’re led to believe so he’d make a good educator, getting people to take risks and challenge themselves a little. All in all the sort of person that you need in any society to bring out their best…

    oh wait i got the other guy’s file

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    David R Allen says:

    In reply to #3 by sdelsolray:

    “God’s” psychological profile will likely mirror the humans who invented him. It’s a mere projection.

    This is what I love about these discussions. Thank you [sdelsolray] for this succinct comment. At 3.00am this morning, it triggered off a cascade of thoughts and consequences.

    The executive summary of that cascade is that the bible was obviously written to reflect the social, political and “moral / ethical” views of the day. It reads like you would expect 3000 year old tribes to behave. So it is logical that the authors attribute to their particular brand of god, the psychological attributes that were admired at that time. Strong evidence that the bible is not the inspired word of god, but the anthropomorphizing of the Israelites imaginary god.

    I love this game.

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  • In reply to #8 by David R Allen:

    You’re still getting the halo effect from comment #319 on the ID thread. That was one of the funniest posts ever! ( to my mind, anyway). Your real name wouldn’t be Roy or HG would it?

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    QuestioningKat says:

    Strong evidence that the bible is not the inspired word of god, but the anthropomorphizing of the Israelites imaginary god.

    My previous church use all this bad behavior as evidence that the Bible is humanly inspired and that God was somehow lost in translation and humans projected themselves onto God. They then proceeded to project all the positive empowering views of modern psychology today saying that God is really “like this.” Despite the intellectual dishonesty, I must say that they did have excellent moral teachings.

    God of New Thought:

    Generous, well-balance, accepting, forgiving, supportive, loving, functionally healthy

    God created you and wants you to co-create with “Him” God wants his children to do well.

    God made you equal to him. God does not have issues with power nor control; God is a Communist in the most positive sense.

    God has created thousands upon thousands of pink flowers. Consider the generosity. You are meant to have an abundant life. Lack is an old worn out view. Prosperity is your birthright. Money is energy and represents the exchange of good from one person to another.

    You were born blessed (not in original sin) God is a loving and forgiving God. It is we who left the Garden and God is waiting for us to wake up and recognize that we are of divine nature. Just as a parent must let their children go, God is supportive of our decision even though it was not the best one for us.

    Sexuality is meant to be expressed through love responsibly. God is hip to the ways of being human.

    Sin does not exist. It is simply our way of making mistakes. God is patiently waiting for us to “get it right.” Even if it takes several life times, God will not condemn us, he waits for us to grow and develop. Hell is non-existent, heaven is a state of being that we hope to achieve.

    God is only love.

    Notice how God has evolved?

    All strife, evil, death, eating of flesh is the result of us turning from God to find our own way – metaphysically “leaving the garden” or God’s realm. (Evolution is fact because it is we who have caused this. As our Consciousness grows so would the need for our form. A human has a higher level of consciousness than say a dog who has a higher consciousness than say a bird….an insect…)A deep sleep fell upon Adam, but nowhere in the Bible does it say that he woke up. We are living in a dream world. Others claim that nowhere does it say that Eve fell asleep, she was wide awake and has always been so. This is perhaps good reason why we women are superior to men in the ways of loving….. lol

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    QuestioningKat says:

    I just checked this topic today and interestingly. I only had the first paragraph when I wrote my comment. huh? sorry if I repeated the OP in spots.

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  • Deaf , Blind and Dumb would be my take on god.

    I would believe in the existence of god if:

    There was no more suffering.

    There was no more animal torture and mass killing deforestation etc.

    There was no more disease

    There was no more war

    There was no more poverty and ignorance.

    There was no global warming or freezing.

    There was no more bad people….

    This is why the jews don’t believe jesus is the messiah . Because according to what they say, when the messiah comes all the things I mentioned above would happen. Since they obviously have not happened, the messiah has not come…

    the only thing there is the sound of silence…

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    yanquetino says:

    Mormons go one step further than a mere psychological profile of god. Their doctrine asserts that he is literally a man whose Homo sapiens body is now immortal and eternal. I kid you not! [Removed by moderator]

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  • In reply to #1 by Nitya:

    I’ve noticed a trend away from the angry old man in the sky notion

    OH ? But that is an essential part of the father figure. You mean that the father has become more lenient maybe ?

    That is the problem with a moving target, it is whatever it is based on the perspective of the so called believer. This is what reformed temples and churches are all about.

    There is not much reforming , when the basis is still lies and misinformation for the most part. Reforming is like amending the constitution. The difference is one is known to have been crafted by men. The other is known to have been crafted by god. (aside the fact that men wrote it for god because without hands one can’t hold a quill …)

    Who really has the authority to challenge god and reform their rules , laws , creeds ?

    This is only a ruse to get people who are not religious to take it back up again. I often wonder why there are still gay catholics and jews who belong to and go to a temple or church which is reformed.

    The basis of the religion will not change. If this is what they want, they should just start a new religion without the usual suspects. It really demonstrates some kind of self loathing or something to continue with a charade even if it has been modified …

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  • In reply to #11 by annette williams:

    I put it down to chronic sleep deprivation. “He watching over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps”.

    Yes, watching with his blind eye I’m sure….

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    nawafpsy says:

    I really interested while reading this article. It seems that you are a psychologist or at least very well psychologically educated.
    Best regards

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  • 18
    nawafpsy says:

    ExactlyIn reply to #3 by sdelsolray:

    “God’s” psychological profile will likely mirror the humans who invented him. It’s a mere projection.

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  • 19
    yumyumbob2 says:

    Despite his psychopathic tendencies, God believes he is good. He tells people that if they do not admit that he is good they will be punished. He could be quoted as saying “Admit that I am goodness itself or I will damn you forever”

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  • God has been edged out of his lead role in the supernatural realm. For ‘sophisticated religious thinkers’ he’s no longer the celestial Stalin who spies on everybody all the time and steps in to smash any opposition. He’s the Supreme Scientist who set up the cosmic experiment, lit the blue touchpaper and retired. None of your crude literalism. It’s all symbolic of something or other.

    He disappears altogether from lots of really modern woo to be replaced by the phantom forces of quantum mysticism. What is really interesting is how sciency the supernatural has become.

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  • After reading Finkelstein’s THE BIBLE UNEARTHED, I reached the conclusion that this powerful and precarious character of the Hebrew god was necessary for the survival of the Jews. It made their god dangerous and fearsome in comparison to the gods of others. Such an unpredictable character that even his chosen devotees had to walk in fear. I get a sense of that being advantageous during its time.

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  • 22
    BillFoster says:

    In reply to #3 by sdelsolray:

    “God’s” psychological profile will likely mirror the humans who invented him. It’s a mere projection.
    I am sure this view is correct. Presumably the book of Genesis was written from memories of Babylonian myth, and written down as they were regarded as important

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