Hubble Celebrates 24th Anniversary with Infrared Image of Nearby Star Factory


In celebration of the 24th anniversary of the launch of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have captured infrared-light images of a churning region of star birth 6,400 light-years away.

The collection of images reveals a shadowy, dense knot of gas and dust sharply contrasted against a backdrop of brilliant glowing gas in the Monkey Head Nebula (also known as NGC 2174 and Sharpless Sh2-252).

The image demonstrates Hubble's powerful infrared vision and offers a tantalizing hint of what scientists can expect from the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope.
Observations of NGC 2174 were taken in February, 2014.

Massive newborn stars near the center of the nebula (and toward the right in this image) are blasting away at dust within the nebula. The ultraviolet light emitted by these bright stars helps shape the dust into giant pillars.

Written By: NASA
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  1. NASA’s HST

    NASA, conjoined with European Space Agency, that is.

    in celebration of [] anniversary

    A bumpy ride it has been (mirror problem). Celebrate those who nursed it along, too!

  2. The first of these four pictures reminds me of a painting of the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven. [Our Lady, for those ignorant of the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic faith, is the Virgin Mary]. The artist (whose name I forget – he was only the artist after all) may have been favored with a supernatural vision of the event, suggesting that Our Lady went to the Pearly Gates via the Monkey Head Nebula. In any case, the real thing in this photo looks much more amazing.

  3. *In reply to #2 by bluebird:

    A bumpy ride it has been (mirror problem). Celebrate those who nursed it along, too!

    A bit trickier than doing a pre-vacation cleanup on a Kodak Box Brownie, eh…. 😎

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