Stem cells: Scientist asks for research to be withdrawn


A Japanese scientist behind a seemingly groundbreaking stem cell study says the findings should be withdrawn amid doubts over its quality.

It was reported in January that dipping cells in acid could cheaply and quickly convert them into stem cells.

But questions were raised about the images used in the scientific report and other research groups have failed to reproduce the results.

Author Prof Teruhiko Wakayama said: "It is no longer clear what is right."

The future of regenerative medicine is pinned on stem cells, which can transform into any other type of tissue. They are being investigated for restoring sight to the blind and repairing the damage caused by a heart attack.

'Mistakes have emerged'

The original study, published in the journal Nature, became a huge story around the world and was described as "remarkable" and as a "major scientific discovery".

It said stem cells no longer needed to be taken from embryos or made by complicated and costly genetic tinkering.

Written By: James Gallagher
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    By the fourth paragraph my very first thought too.

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  2. Not only is science methodologically honest, but so is the scientist Prof Teruhiko Wakayama.

    In any case, there is no point in lying in science, because you will breach the 11th commandment….”Thou shalt not get found out!”

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