The ‘I F—ing Love Science’ Facebook Page Is Becoming a TV Show


Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson will act as executive producer of Science Channel show.

The wildly popular “I F—ing Love Science” Facebook page—which has amassed more than 10 million fans—will soon become a television show.

The new Science Channel series will be executive-produced by Late Late Showhost Craig Ferguson, who made the announcement with a videotaped message at the South by Southwest festival in Austin Saturday, Deadline reports.

British biology student Elise Andrew created the page in March 2012, posting any science-related photos, articles, diagrams or comics that she found interesting. Two years later, the page is still gaining new followers every day. Andrew is on board as a consulting producer for the show.

Written By: Samantha Grossman
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  1. Anything to make science cool is great. Geek chic is in. The formal stiff approach I grew up with is old school.

  2. My daughter, away at university at the time, posted it on my FB page ~a year and a half ago and said “dad the name is a bit rude but I think you’ll really enjoy it”
    so I got a few posts and sent back ” I like it a lot but WTF with the name?”. She thought that was funny.

  3. Although Craig Ferguson’s Late Night show has become one of my favorite of all time “not like any other” Late Night Show, I’m pleasantly surprised he is producing this. Craig works hard at not openly showing any party favoritism and I certainly have no idea if he is an atheist based on anything he has said or done on his show. Glad to hear he is a big proponent of science!

  4. Good to hear so. Here in Germany, science is not such a big deal on TV. Tha latest thing was kind of a quiz with one of the TV-dinosaurs of Germany (Frank Elsner first host of “Wetten Das” THE TV show in Germany for 30 years …) and the smartest looking scientist on TV Ranga Yogeshwar. But I added the fb page and I like what she puts on her page. And who cares for names anymore? When I was 14 the song ‘Jeany’ by FALCO was banned on the radio and today every second rapper is f… my mother! Getting facts about the world we live in makes people curious how it works. Everyone can remember an old stiff chemistry teacher. – is this the right approach? I don’t think so. And listen to the hate mails she perceives for promoting vaccination and evolution! The US needs every science show on TV it can get!

  5. So,

    “Me? I fncking love science.

    Its worth? Riches

    And delight in its appliance.

    It works, bitches.”

  6. It’s good to see more science dedicated programming that is making science the cool thing that it is. Reason is becoming a business. Anyone who wants to make a bit of coin should look into starting an atheist (non believer) dating site. ReasonMatch, Because Cupid don’t know science.

  7. Happy to read that. I love the Facebook page.
    The problem is, here in Italy will be difficult to watch the show on TV. Moreover, considering that we have very few scientific programs (just one, and is great, but is never enough when regarding science) and a lot of pseudoscientific garbage, it is sad.

  8. Congrats to Elise Andrew 🙂 It’s just a shame that these cable channels tend to be so locked down. It’d be much better if you could just get an online subscription anywhere in the world. I don’t think they’d lose money on doing that, it’d just change their sales model. I guess it’s the advertisers and decryption key distributors holding them back, but that seems a bit antiquated: why not just target ads by viewer location? Maybe it’s too much hassle to deal with advertisers in a lot of regions. Whatever, the restrictions seem a bit backwards.

    Edit: looks like it’s on Netflix (and Amazon Prime Video, maybe? Is that region restricted?) and they’re apparently looking at a service that fills the three to eighteen month gap between broadcast and availability on Netflix, etc. Only for cable customers, though. Why?

  9. AWesome! Base a show off stolen material (and only recently crediting the original authors). This is why I’m hating social media more and more.

  10. I agree with you Madgoat, and yet this specific social media site, that I adore, is the manner in which I discovered the Richard Dawkins Foundation. If it hadn’t been for I F-ing love science, I’d doubtfully have discovered this.

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