Dinner with Richard Dawkins in Raleigh, NC April 11th


Richard Dawkins is coming to Raleigh, North Carolina on the evening of April 11, 2014, for one night only to have dinner with a small group of very special supporters.



Here is your chance to be one of the few.  

Join Richard at one of  Raleigh’s great  restaurants for an intimate dinner with a small group of Dawkins fans, followers, and visionaries like you.


Spend Friday, April 11th, dining and conversing personally and at length with the man called by Prospect Magazine “…the world's greatest thinker”.


This is your opportunity to ask any question, pose any idea, and dine elegantly in the center of world thought for just one night.


Dinners in Boston, MA, and Austin, TX, are sold out.  Buy your ticket to dinner in Raleigh before they sell out again.


Proceeds go to the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. $900 of your gift is tax deductible.


Location: Raleigh, NC (Exact location to be emailed to paid attendees only)

Cost: $1,000


Written By: RDFRS


  1. Неописуемо впечатление от пръв поглед!
    Как е уреден самият сайт,а за информацията по различните теми тепърва ми предстоят безсънни нощи,за да се докосна до нивото обем знания съобразно интелигентния си капацитет!

  2. It will be an honor for me to meet Professor Dawkins
    I will learn and look for the science to reach the level so I can meet him
    My English is not strong sorry
    You’re the inspiration for me thank u

  3. Richard Dawkins, I hope dearly that you see this comment. I am 14 years of age. I do not own 1000$. I have always been interested in evolutionary science. I am hoping that you could come to Asheville and do a book signing because I have always wanted to meet you. I love your book “The greatest show on Earth” which I am currently reading. My hopes are high although the chances are low. Sincerely, Jack San Miguel.

  4. a thousand bucks is fair price considering the amount warren buffet charges for one of his dinners.

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