Thoughts on Obama’s highly religious weekly address?

Apr 24, 2014

Discussion by: yumyumbob2

Obama posts weekly addresses in which he usually talks about economic or social issues, however this week (April 19) he talked about the religious value of easter. It is not unusual for him to mention his religion, but this is a whole different magnitude. He stated : "These holy days have their roots in miracles that took place long ago.  And yet, they still inspire us, guide us, and strengthen us today.  They remind us of our responsibilities to God and, as God’s children, our responsibilities to one another. " He procedes to give a brief description of his belief that Jesus died for our sins. He then makes the valid point that "The common thread of humanity that connects us all… is our shared commitment to love our neighbors as we love ourselves." He does, mentions nonbelievers later in that paragraph, so there is an acknowledgement that we exist.

I was shocked by his pushing of a religious message. Christians are a majority in America, but I did not think that the president's weekly address was the right place for religion, although he has the freedom to say what he wants. What do other people think of this? Are you angry? Indifferent?

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  • Depending on a persons experience with religious institutions causes a person to trust in or distrust the ancient transcripts that have both confusing and useful information that can be beneficial and create discussion within small groups of people. Religious rhetoric will always leave someone excluded and a leader of the highest appointment should be able to communicate with reason to his subjects. It is very difficult to listen when all has failed while struggling to follow those teachings.

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  • Although Obama isn’t the first president to talk about religion in a public speech or make some sort of religious reference,The president should separate church and state!

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