Amesbury in Wiltshire confirmed as oldest UK settlement


A Wiltshire town has been confirmed as the longest continuous settlement in the United Kingdom.

Amesbury, including Stonehenge, has been continually occupied since BC8820, experts have found.

The news was confirmed following an archaeological dig which also unearthed evidence of frogs' legs being eaten in Britain 8,000 years before France.

Amesbury's place in history has also now been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

David Jacques, from the University of Buckingham, said: "The site blows the lid off the Neolithic Revolution in a number of ways.

"It provides evidence for people staying put, clearing land, building, and presumably worshipping, monuments.

"The area was clearly a hub point for people to come to from many miles away, and in many ways was a forerunner for what later went on at Stonehenge itself.

"The first monuments at Stonehenge were built by these people. For years people have been asking why is Stonehenge where it is, now at last, we have found the answers."

Mr Jacques said the River Avon, which runs through the area, would have been like an A road with people travelling along it.

"They may have had the equivalent of local guides and there would have been feasting," he added.

"We have found remains of big game animals, such as aurochs and red deer, and an enormous amount of burnt flint from their feasting fires."

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  1. In reply to #1 by alaskansee:

    Amesbury in Wiltshire confirmed as oldest known UK settlement

    Sloppy reporting. Like weather reporters saying today will be the hottest day of the year.

  2. One of the great sites of world civilisation. Down the road are the beautiful neolithic railway yards of Swindon with the accompanying, endless Artisans’ Housing Act terraces. Nearby, on the A4 is the picturesque, asbestos sheet shell of the Golden Arrow transport café, sidelined since ancient times by the M4, and now a country music venue. Civilisation marches onwards.

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