Caption contest: US Senator gives Keynote at Lobby Day


This just in! Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) will be the keynote speaker at the Secular Summit and Lobby Day, the national conference run by the Secular Coalition for America, where secularists can learn political savvy and walk to Congress to speak directly with lawmakers. The Richard Dawkins Foundation is not a lobby group but is sponsoring the second day with its focus on secular workshops and political awareness. Winners will get a copy of An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist by Richard Dawkins.


Winner of this contest:


"Don't worry honey.  He's trying to compensate, if you know what I mean"

done by InYourFaceNewYorker


Runners Up:


"Don't pay any attention to him.  Strong  back, weak mind."

done by Adam Pearse


"All those muscles?  He trains on a diet of pie in the sky"

done by Bob Springsteen

Written By: RDFRS


  1. Don’t pay any attention to him. Have you heard the phrase, “Strong back, weak mind”?

  2. “I know that looks impressive but he only got like that by cutting down on reason and loading up on fairytales.”

  3. Secular: “Incredible! How do you DO that!?”

    Religion: “Simple. You just gotta know your masses, son.”

  4. Trainer advises Secular: “In the same way Delilah discovered the secret of Samson’s strength and shaved off his locks, so you must eradicate the bullshit that gives Religion his mighty power.”

  5. “Political religious steroids and hot air-bag ‘weights’. Tells you all you need to know.”

  6. “I just LOVE a guy that doesn’t need artificial crap to be strong and beautiful!”

  7. Just remember-God’s doing all the heavy lifting. The guy with the big dumbbells-well, he’s just a tool.

  8. Don’t worry about that show-off! He looks big and powerful right now, but we all know he will go the way of the dinosaurs!

  9. Trainer: “Hey Religion, don’t forget what your good book teaches about a skinny lad named David and a muscle bound giant named Goliath.”

  10. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    ** [Trainer = TESTER ] ” It is ONLY a ‘magic ‘ trick !!

    YOU have EVIDENCE , & SCIENCE on your side !! ” **


  11. Religions sinister Political Savvy, accidentally demonstrating Darwinian Survival of the fittest. Otherwise known as Pumping Irony.

  12. Religion: “I believe God created my brain and power of speech in just one day.” Secular: “Yes, sounds like he rushed it.”

  13. Here´s my silly try for this caption and really worth event (no matter the place):

    “Don´t despair, just think that the enlightened spirit of the law, focusing political purpose, is the opposite of brute force and obscurity. Be proud of a whole “A” generation.”

  14. The savvy may be convincing politicians that they will vote based on superstition and ignore all reality-based reasons. These are voters who give politicians a lot of leeway if they give the proper lip service.

  15. Thus we have proof that size doesn’t always matter. The key word is ” proof”.

  16. “Don’t feel bad, honey. He’s just trying to compensate, if you know what I mean.”

  17. Remember, the Bionic Man had hard metal placed inside him, so he was pumped-up from the inside. drmrs 5/30/2014

  18. Political steroids; impressive exterior but the important parts still keep shrinking.

  19. Trainer: “His training manual is entitled An Appetite for Blunder: The Making of a Delusionist.”

  20. After refusing the injection of Jesus into his heart,the secularist decides to do this the hard way.
    The drug known as religion should be removed from politics,and regular testing should be administered.

  21. When it comes to sects size doesn’t matter as much as endurance — so keep pumping you secular beast!

  22. that’s it boys… channel all your repressed sexual urges, guilt, homophobia, misogyny and self-loathing…

  23. This illustrates the centuries-long, self-imposed stupidity of humanity to accept religion as the truth and science as false. Consider it a global lobotomy.

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