3 Animals That Are Smarter Than You Thought


Dolphins, crows, apes — you know the drill about smart animals. But there are lots of animals that are smarter than you think. Not everyone thinks they’re pretty, but scientists know they’re smart.
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  1. The honey badger is quite intelligent with using tools. Look for the YouTube video (and no, not the funny one narrated by that guy) where the badgers keep escaping a 6″ tall walled pen. Even learning how to open up the gate.. Just amazing.

  2. If I may be indulged a moment, I feel kind of chuffed that I already knew that rats and pigs were smart. Pigeons was a new one for me, though.

    The pig-as-deceiver example in particular was pretty impressive. The problem-solving intelligence, curiosity, and social abilities of pigs are completely disproportionate to the attitudes and stereotypes most humans have towards them.

    Also, because I can’t resist (and don’t want to, as it’s fascinating); another two candidates for animals that are smarter than we give them credit for are crocodiles and sharks.

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