Atheism + Drama


A video about Atheism+ and pussies. How appropriate. For those of you wondering- Atheism + is pretty much atheism plus radical feminism. This is my skit explaining my feelings on it 😉


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  1. Atheism +.

    I thought that thing was long gone. I have not seen too much back and forth on youtube about A + lately so I just figured it dried up and blew away.

    Atheism is just that.

  2. I too am a great supporter of vegetarianism. So much so that I will only eat animals that eat plants.

    Nice point in the video about pointless infighting and bickering. Elegantly said and done.

  3. I understand where you are coming from with your video and agree there are some atheists who overreact to things and prefer to insult people who disagree with them instead of taking the time to explain their position. However, there are also people in the atheist movement who gloss over issues of sexist, racist and homophobic behaviour because they see atheism as more important.
    I’d like to be part of an atheist movement where members take the time to listen to and understand each others point of view, where sexist, racist and other undesirable behaviour is challenged, but those who challenge it do it in a calm rational way, and that others listen to their concerns and try to understand them.
    I find myself constantly embarassed by atheists who
    1) refuse to apologise when they do something that offends others
    2) say things that escalate an argument instead of seeking common ground
    3) do things to provoke negative reactions from religious people, rather than encourage people to question religion
    4) are arrogant and condescending to others
    There are many terrible things about religion, but at least many of them know how to form communities.

  4. It sometimes makes me cringe when I see atheism being the rally cry of supposedly rational people. Reason should be the rally cry, and thankfully Prof. Dawkins, or at least his web designers, understand this, as evident by the motto Reason. Science. Progress.
    While reason leads to atheism, in no way does atheism lead to reason. This is because the only criteria to being an atheist is to say you don’t believe in god, never mind your reasoning or motivation. Thus there are plenty of atheists who still believe in spirituality in the supernatural sense, or still believe in ghosts, or fate, or still subscribe to the fallacy that “science cannot prove everything, therefore things can exist outside of science.” Basically an open door for supernatural nonsense. No doubt many are confused about morality, seeing it as a complex philosophical problem, when in fact a reasonable view of morality discards the philosophical nonsense revealing simple truths.
    Atheism is not a stance that one should champion, it is merely a side note, a byproduct, of the all encompassing stance of reason.

  5. Championing atheism is dangerous for reasonable people because it represents itself as the voice of reason when there is no reason to believe that atheism promotes rational thinking. Thus for people who champion reason, it becomes more than embarrassing, but detrimental, for those championing their atheist badge to speak as if doing so on behalf of science and reason. There are plenty of irrational motives for being an atheist. For example the video girl says her reasoning in becoming an atheist is because she cares about people. These are the kind of irrational reasons that motivate many atheists. Do we really want them to speak on behalf of reason and science?

  6. Hmm, not one of her better videos.

    I eat meat, but I still don’t believe in God / gods. That’s enough. I don’t need to be compared with vegans, vegetarians or omnivores.

    When it comes to countering nonsense, I’m a carnivore. First dish on the menu, Cardinal Pell BBQed hard and hot with Bondai sand. To follow, William Lane Craig au vin, served with fig leaves, snake entrails and forbidden fruit. As a special dessert, how about that delightful Pat Robertson mousse, or Ray’s banana flambe ?

    By their fruits shall ye know them.

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