Shocking Film Reveals Horrific Abuse at Christian Indoctrination Camp

Jul 22, 2014

By Dan Arel


What began as a student project about a Christian boarding school in the Dominican Republic turned into a horror story when the young filmmaker Kate Logan uncovered the real story happening inside.

Ms. Logan who herself in an evangelical, wanted to create a positive documentary about Escuela Caribe, a now defunct school that US parents happily send their troubled children off to in hopes that God and discipline will straighten them out.

Logan thought her film would be a feel good story about a path for troubled youths to a new and brighter future.

What Logan found after talking to students and alumni was something all together different, uncovering questionable rehabilitation practices that left many of the students feeling in need of therapy and help upon leaving the school.

Swatting, the practice of striking students with a wooden paddle, or forcing students into quiet rooms, a form of solitary confinement are just two of the disciplinary methods that the school used.

5 comments on “Shocking Film Reveals Horrific Abuse at Christian Indoctrination Camp

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    Miserablegit says:

    Christianity, once again resorting to its old favourite routine – if you cannot persuade, beat seven shades of shit until they comply.

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    NearlyNakedApe says:

    Another example of the brutality and horror that Christian institutions wreak when they are in a position of power, out of reach of secular law. This film gives us a small taste of what a Christian theocracy would look like: the twisted, totalitarian ideology of the Bible put into practice in the real world. Scary stuff.

    The home of the brave and the land of the free… until it no longer is. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. America the beautiful badly needs a facelift and faith-mongering neo-cons are making it look more hideous by the day.

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