Abhishek Kumar Mehta, Converts, #(1968)

Aug 13, 2014

I am from India where statistically the chances of ‘being a Hindu’ is too damn high! But I began questioning God’s existence as I turned 10, why? Because I found stories of scientists and science itself more interesting than the old Hindu Mythologies. But that wasn’t enough to turn me into a complete atheist. After this I never questioned God’s existence till I turned 16, when I discovered how beautiful and elegant Mathematics is, I realized that Mathematics had many similar qualities which an ‘average’ god has, it’s omnipotent, it’s all powerful and it’s all knowing except it isn’t self-aware but more importantly it is beautiful and elegant. And I can ‘feel’ Mathematical Equations. “God is a mathematician” someone said, but to me “Mathematics is God” seemed more appropriate, I therefore, became a Mathematheist. But still it wasn’t enough to stop me from praying. But the question whether God exists continued to linger. The final blow was struck when I started learning about Islam, I was horrified, the doctrines of Islam to me seemed totalitarian, dictatorial and toxic. Then I thought, before I point my fingers at another religion, I should know about mine. I researched Hinduism, I realized how extremist Bhagvad Gita was, how ‘useless’ were Vishnu’s avatar and how misogynistic the whole theology of Hinduism as we know it was. I realized that there is no meaning in religion, but surely there is some meaning in Mathematics, and therefore, I became an absolute ‘Mathematheist’. And I still am a ‘Mathematheist’, but for all practical purposes I can be called an atheist.

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