Abortion Decisions Only Made Difficult By Anti Secular Attackers NOT Women

Aug 26, 2014

By Donald A Collins


Moving but far too slowly past the religious bugaboos of anti abortion stories and gay rights bashers, it is refreshing to read in the August 17th Washington Post, a splendid article entitled “Stop calling abortion a ‘difficult decision’”.

Since over 40 million abortions occur globally every year, abortions are not exactly rare events. However, before abortion became such a medically safe procedure if religious loonies hadn’t made obtaining one difficult for so many, it was often a very dangerous and needlessly expensive service to obtain, provided by poorly trained providers in unsanitary, clandestine settings.

In many jurisdictions here and overseas, abortions are still difficult to obtain. So from that standpoint abortion is too often “difficult”.

However, the author of “Stop calling…”, Janet Harris, president of Upstream Analysis, a news and social-media analysis firm, makes clear her position about what constitutes difficult. Her qualifications to comment are excellent: “She was previously the communications director of Emily’s List, a political action committee supporting Democratic pro-choice women running for office.”

Harris begins,

Planned Parenthood calls abortion “a difficult decision” in many of its consent forms and fact sheets. When NARAL launched a film on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade in 2013, the president of the pro-choice organization called abortion “a difficult decision” women and couples face.

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