After two years, GOP-led committee investigating Benghazi finds…nothing.

So much mud the Republicans threw at Obama and none of it stuck.  Then there was Benghazi, a tragedy so, well, tragic, that the GOP couldn’t resist turning it into a political tool for their own gain.  Oh sure it was under the guise of wanting to do honor to the fallen, but pretty much everybody who doesn’t have a Fox News IV knew it was the GOP using the event to smear the President.  Oh, and it stuck.  The right wing turned “Benghazi!” into its rallying cry.

Climate change threatening civilization?  Why aren’t our leaders talking about Benghazi????  Better yet, why aren’t the climatologists asking the President about Benghazi???  (No shit, that happened)

Then there were leaked emails to ABC from an anonymous source that had some pretty damning quotes from inside the Obama administration.  Then it came to light those emails were edited by the anonymous source.  Then it came to light that the anonymous source was the Republican party.