Anti-Gay Group Leader’s Wife Left Him For Another Woman

Jonathan Saenz, president of the conservative anti-LGBT group Texas Values, is the laughingstock of the Internet this week. And I don’t feel bad for him.

He’s one of the most homophobic loudmouths of the movement, and just months before he became the head of a massive anti-gay group, his wife left him for another woman.

The Texas LGBT publication Lone Star Q acquired court records showing that Saenz’s ex-wife, Corrine Morris Rodriguez Saenz, was seeing a woman named Ercimin Paredes at the time of their divorce in 2012. The women were both teachers at Becker Elementary School in the Austin Independent School District.

Jonathan and Corrine were married in 2002 and separated in July 2011, with Corrine filing for divorce a month later. Jonathan, a conservative Catholic, took the reins at Texas Values in 2012, while the divorce was still pending. Fancy that.