Bijou, Converts, #(1847)

Aug 27, 2014

Dear Prof Dawkins, 
I was quite shocked when I first saw your book ‘The God Delusion’ in the bookstore. Yet my hand, as if guided by some unseen force, reached out and took a copy. I put it upside down on the counter and then only dared to look around to make sure no one was looking. The book changed my life. Although I had not been an ardent Christian, I still held some vague notions such as a ‘universal intelligence’ or ‘intangible component’ and was never able to reconcile these notions with reality. Your book changed all that.
I live in South Africa where at least 90% of people are religious/ superstitious. And I confess that even though I feel personally ‘liberated’ by my new found atheism, I have to be very careful who I discuss things with, particularly in my practice. Most of our family are still religious but I have had a few pleasant surprises!
I have a wonderful example of ‘intelligent design’ . I have a book on insects written by Eric Holm, in which he describes how, when a Stick insect looses a leg, it will grow another leg. But if it looses a feeler, it will grow a leg – off its head! There is a picture of one in the book.
Thank you for your work.

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