Bryan Fischer: everybody is instinctively repulsed by homosexuality.

Maybe I just need to look at this image longer for the revulsion to set in…

It starts with god, according to Bryan Fischer.  When god sees two men/two women getting it on he recoils in disgust…and presumably that’s why two people who love each other shouldn’t be able to marry, because that’s sure to stop them from having sex.

If god finds it so repulsive, why did he make me find this so freaking hot?

Oodles of money is made selling lesbian porn, and that money isn’t just appearing out of thin air.  People are buying this stuff, which suggests two things:

1.  They want it.  A lot.

2.  I’m not the only person god tainted with enjoyment at watching two women smooch.  In fact, many of the people buying this stuff are in the exact same spaces as a lot of Fischer’s listener base: