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Aug 27, 2014

Hello Richard,

I’ve felt the compulsion to send you a mail for a good year now to thank you for opening up a new world to me. I’ve only just learned about this convertscorner… Being from Ireland, I attended church from when I was a child until I was eighteen. My father too, was the one who explained to me about evolution when I was roughly about 15, but having never read Darwin which would have given me a more satisfying understanding it wasn’t a strong enough reason to convince me, and I sat on the fence for about ten years. I always had a great interest in the Universe and the question of there being a God. I saw you on an Irish tv programme the late late and being from a Catholic background I was as skeptical as anyone in the audience, even though I watched from my sitting room. Being interviewed by such a seemingly biased (in favour of God) interviewer, probably did not help to persuade me there and then, as the interview was more about raises of audience members hands to conduct live polls of the Irish believers/non-believers, rather than asking any deep or meaningful questions. Luckily, I somehow stumbled across you again in a better conducted interview and since then (the past two years) I have watched most of your interviews on youtube, including debates and documentaries. Although I am not much of a reader, I have your books The Selfish Gene, The Magic of Reality and The God Delusion and I am halfway through the latter, though having watched all your interviews time and time again, I feel I have covered much of what you talk about in the book, which may not come as a surprise. This is slowing me down, as your interviews are so compelling as it is, but I plan to read all your books eventually. In my humble opinion you are the best at what you do, you explain everything very concisely and accurately and speak so eloquently. I also enjoy watching interviews from the late Mr. Hitchens and in your ‘Google interview’ you explained the difference between your Atheism and Christophers’; you said that his was more from a political standpoint whereas yours is from a scientific. I myself would come from a scientific standpoint too, because for me it is really the question of whether there is or isn’t a God and the question of how the Universe came about etc. So what I am really saying is that, for me, only you could have given me and many others the insights and scientific argument which led me to become an atheist. And what being an Atheist means to me is less to do with God and religion, but more to do with the fact that now I have a satisfying answer to how ‘it all’ came about. To me that’s always been the biggest question; where did it all come from? 

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