Peter Boghossian Vignette | Do You Trust Your Wife?

Aug 13, 2014

A short film adapted from Peter Boghossian’s book, “A Manual for Creating Atheists.”
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Tom Bresnahan (left)
Orion Foresee (right)

John Kotchian Trio

One comment on “Peter Boghossian Vignette | Do You Trust Your Wife?”

  • So I was just discussing, with my mom, that I like to call the result of my “faith” in my imaginary friend Jesus “irrational peace,” which atheists might understand and appreciate, rather than “supernatural peace,” which conservative Christians might appreciate. Then I contrasted this with “rational peace” that Buddhism delivers (which I summarized as “giving up,” (more often referred to as “letting go”)). My mom immediately agreed with me in disliking “supernatural peace.” And, after a little coaxing, agreed that faith was an unsupported or unwarranted belief. Kind of funny. Reason why we even had this conversation was that, earlier I had been asking her if she’d feel betrayed if I wrote a book chapter, or a book, on my speculations, perhaps in the form of a dialogue, as to how Jesus performed all his magic tricks. While she cringed at the phrase “magic tricks,” she didn’t forbid me.

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