Responding to “The Three Mistakes Atheists Make”

Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, writing for the Huffington Post, explains the three most common mistakes atheists make.

The problem is they’re not really mistakes at all.

1. They dismiss, often with contempt, the religious experience of other people.

Yoffie’s argument is that we don’t take religious people seriously enough when they say they’ve had divine experiences. He doesn’t mention that many of us had those religious experiences ourselves back when we still believed in God. We could speak in tongues, we knew God was talking to us, we felt an aura of sorts. Those feelings, we realized later, were entirely in our minds. So it’s not that we’re dismissing those beliefs now — we know people have them — but we aren’t going to pretend like there’s a real connection being made between them and God. And we can still get those feelings by listening to great music, or or being around someone we love.