S.E. Cupp “Our Atheists are Better Than Yours!”


S.E. Cupp “Our Atheists are Better Than Yours!”. Oh look, a conservative atheist! I’m sure they exist, but I’m gonna call it: one day she’ll make tons on her new book “How I found God. An Atheist Conversion Story”. This is all just part of the plan 😉
S.E. Cupp states the case for atheists joining the conservative ranks. CNN video “Our atheists are better than yours”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajxa24r7vy8

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  1. ” I don’t believe in god but I am not mad at him ”

    S. E. Cupp

    That is as far as one need go here. What kind of atheist is that? Non stamp collectors are not mad at stamps are they?

    ( had to go to youtube to see this–again! )

  2. Meaning, the subject matter might get lost. Some might liken it to roller derby, or mud wrestling.

  3. Really struggling to understand the point of that video (the S.E Cupp one, not Jaclyn Glenn’s response). I’m sure there are many atheist Republicans but they’re not going to get anywhere in the party by admitting it and she’s no exception.

    Maybe Jaclyn called it and it’s a long-term plan to make Cupp a well known “atheist” before she has a road to Damascus moment at the Republican Convention. Or maybe the party has cottoned on to the stats showing that younger people are increasingly non-religious and this is their cack-handed attempt to reach out to them, wheeling out the token atheist along with the token Latino etc.

  4. You may be on to something. She is also, according to her wiki, someone who “really aspires to be a person of faith some day.” I’m not sure what that even means, aside from placing a convenient seat on the fence so that she can fall in whichever direction is convenient at any given moment.

    In the interest of not troubling the mods with links, sources for the quote are available on her wiki.

  5. I don’t think she thought this through :
    If he does exists, that means he’s letting innocent children die by the millions through disease,famine and wars ( many of which fought in ‘his’ name ).

    Not mad at him ? Really ?

  6. I think S.E. Cupp might be Sarah Palin in disguise.

    Republican……………. tick.
    Talks shit……. tick
    Loves George Bush…….. tick.
    Talks shit again….. tick.
    Wears glasses……. tick.
    Talks more shit………. tick.
    Her idea of inclusivity is to be divisive and exclusive……. tick.
    Talks…. you get the idea.

    She can talk all she wants about atheists wanting to band together, but she’s one atheist I don’t want to be associated with.

  7. Checked out Cupp’s other videos… no way is she an atheist. She hasn’t even familiarized herself with how to fake it. It’s television, and there is no reason to believe it.

    Though, I do appreciate the raver glasses. It’s a good look.

    As a music geek, I’ve seen Xian infiltration of the mass media before. Anyone who watched the industry and studio alignments knew that Korn was Xian-rock on the downlow, and they came out of the closet a few years ago, acted like it was a revelation. I don’t even know if Cupp is a part of a large agenda, or just trying to make some money filling a niche.

    I don’t think she’s even a conservative. She fakin’ the funk on that one too, and apparently can’t be bothered to read the manual, with those big-ass raver glasses.

  8. Her basic messsage is “I am not personally a believer, but we need religion to keep the little people pacified and orderly, so government should encourage it.” The conservative agenda has never really been about religion; it’s always been about making sure the advantaged stay that way, and religion has long been a useful tool in the hands of the irreverent and powerful.

  9. Complete aside, but every time I see the word Xian on here, it makes me think about Scientology! 🙂 All religions are ridiculous, but at least Scientologists and Mormons have got beliefs that get me giggling like a school kid rather than shaking my head.

  10. Exactly right ! Wherever you look, religion is encouraged and fostered by the ruling class as a means of social control. Keep the workers’ minds on heaven and they (hopefully) won’t notice, or will endure, the hell on Earth.

    It’s somewhat ironic that the religion which Cupp apparently ‘doesn’t’ subscribe to, Christianity, arose and spread among the Jewish slaves of the Roman Empire. Well they had to have some kind of hope of a better life ? If not here and now, somewhere else in the future.

  11. This article seemed rather petty and the attacks were more from the fact the author is a liberal and cupp a conservative. So what? Cupp is an atheist and we should be trying to stick together rather than picking each other apart. Got nothing out of reading this. Very petty and negative.

  12. As an atheist and a moderate, I independently looked up Cupp and her “positions” on subjects. I can confirm that Cupp is not an atheist and this video is a somewhat joking/outraged response to the wild comments that Cupp makes. I tend to be a bit more conservative myself and actually like Bush Jr (don’t hate!) but never have I thought, as an atheist, that I’m glad he feels like he answers to a higher power.. that would one, not make sense to me as an atheist, as the girl in the video points out, nor would it make me an atheist at all for thinking that. Cupp is no more an atheist than I am a white Siberian tiger writing this with my mind in the 25th century around the moons of Jupiter.

    Let me put that into perspective. Cupp is politically motivated in her speeches and is not accurately, nor competently, representing atheists, their lack of beliefs, nor their political points. If Cupp personally believes that she is an atheist, then that is something for her to “come to jesus” with since she would like to be religious at some point. As for the rest of us, I believe that we can have a sound viewpoint (in this case the definition of atheist which is the disbelief of a god or gods) and still exist on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Cupp’s motives remain unknown, maybe it’s her personal controversy to keep her job, maybe she is recruiting for the Republican party, I don’t know. What I do know is that Cupp has set back atheism as a philosophy and is poisoning the minds of the general public to believe that each and every one of us wants to aspire to be religious one day. I feel sick to my stomach.

  13. I think C.E. Cupp is a fictional character being played by an actor. Her ideas have no internal integrity. I think Fox News invented her. And I hope they keep using this tactic as it is unconvincing and won’t work on existing adherents since they don’t listen to atheists anyway. I think if they keep writing characters like this eventually one of the actors that plays one will come clean and blow open the whole scheme.
    Does anyone else think her outfit looks like a stripper wearing a feminist costume or a porn actor about to read for a teacher-fetish scene?

  14. She’s been on the Bill Maher show several times. On one of those instances, I remember her saying that “atheism is a religion”. Of course, Bill tried to set the record straight but she wouldn’t hear of it. Then she said “I’m a philosophy major so I should know” (the crowd wasn’t impressed).

    That’s when Bill pulled out his killer joke: “Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position”. The crowd and the panel (minus Ms. Cupp) roared with laughter. The raver glasses may be a “good look” but they didn’t quite manage to make her look smart that evening.

    Also, this idea of purposefully using only the initials of her first name (Sarah) and middle name (Elizabeth) is not too clever to begin with. She seems to believe that it somehow makes her sound like an important public or historical figure (e.g. P.T. Barnum, T.S. Elliott, C.S. Lewis, T.H. Huxley, etc..). Unfortunately in her case, the scheme only succeeds in making it sound like she’s advertising her bra size.

  15. I’m not sure what that even means, aside from placing a convenient seat on the fence so that she can fall in whichever direction is convenient at any given moment.

    I think you nailed it. People like Sippy Cup are just out to promote themselves and will say whatever they think is most likely to help make that happen at any given time.

  16. Is it just me that finds Jaclyn Glenn’s material to be second rate? It’s not intellectual argument and it’s not satire, it’s just endless puerile and whiny complaining. I wish it wouldn’t be featured on richarddawkings.net.

  17. Sarah Elizabeth

    Certainly a pretty name, however, she would come across as ‘Little (fill-in-the-blank) on the Prairie’.

    advertising her bra size

    Unfortunate name – replace A E with R S, Red Solo Cupp.

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