The Magnificent Understander, Converts, #(1898)

Aug 27, 2014

Hello all,
Ever since I found out the Easter bunny, Santa, and tooth fairy weren’t real I knew God couldn’t be either.. They had simple jobs compared to god, why should I believe in a greater magic than free presents and candy! Unfortunately I had no evidence besides logical reasoning to back myself up so I didn’t make a fuss. Once I started reading Dawkins books I felt liberated and finally had more educated arguments in my arsenal. ……too bad most people don’t want to hear it and most that do become so personally offended they become full of rage and/or resort to childish tactics.
I don’t believe and I don’t not believe. I simply, understand. I didn’t need anyone to pull the wool from my eyes but I’m very grateful to have such an intelligent, well written person on my side. I would have gone mad by now if I never realized there was so much evidence to support my intuition.

Thanks ~ MP

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