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Aug 19, 2014

Professor Dawkins,
I have been meaning to find a way to contact you ever since I read your book ‘The God Delusion’. I come from a Muslim family, living in Pakistan, and I have been a devout Muslim till I was fourteen-years-old. When they started teaching us evolution in our science class, there started a battle in my mind between religion and science. I didn’t become an atheist that time. I was just confused that why is my holy book telling me something else? I didn’t stop praying or following the other duties of my faith, but I was always in doubt. So I started reading more about evolution, and it just wasn’t fitting. Also when I studied Quran into more detail I realized that it isn’t really compatible with science at all, it is all like a fairytale. Even then I decided to shove science away and concentrate more on religion but I just couldn’t. At the age of 19 I finally gave up my religion completely but I didn’t tell this to my parents or friends, and I still had to pray five times so my mother won’t be suspicious. But last year I told everyone that I was an atheist because I just couldn’t stand doing stupid back exercises on matt or sitting quietly while a mullah recites verses from the quran which I don’t even understand, I couldn’t starve myself in ramadan, I couldn’t listen to the magical stories of the prophets without feeling contempt. 

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