A women’s rights victory as California nixes an attack on abortion coverage

Sep 2, 2014

By Michael Hiltzik


With minimal fanfare, California state officials have nixed an underhanded effort by two Catholic-affiliated universities and their insurers to deprive the universities’ employees of insurance coverage for abortions.

The move by the Department of Managed Health Care is one of the strongest statements in favor of women’s reproductive health rights you’re likely to hear from officials of any state, at a time when those rights are under systematic attack. So it’s proper to pay attention.

On Friday, the DMHC informed the state’s major health insurers by letter that provisions in health plans eliminating coverage of “voluntary” or “elective” abortions, or limiting coverage only to “medically necessary” abortions, violate state law and the state constitution.

A copy of the letter–this version sent to Anthem Blue Cross–can be found here. It says health plans in California are prohibited from “discriminating against women who choose to terminate a pregnancy. Thus, all health plans must treat maternity services and legal abortion neutrally.”


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4 comments on “A women’s rights victory as California nixes an attack on abortion coverage

  • The RCC has share farmed the womb’s of women for 2000 years. How dare these women seek a declaration of independence from a religion.

    I believe my religion is right. Therefore you will follow what my god says.

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  • 3
    Light Wave says:

    Perhaps backstreet abortions will increase again, in fact they’re often the only action women can take in the absence of any decent help from the official medical profession. Women are not chattel……making their minds up for them will not solve their problem and
    The world is actually very over populated…
    Since when is it humanly advisable to do what your Insurance company morally decides for you.

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  • Get ’em as young as possible and never let them out of our possession.

    I think that that encapsulates the solipsistic fascism of the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrinal policy on children.

    Fortunately the church’s hierarchy can no longer command the committing of murder, or as they did with Queen Elizabeth the first of England, suborn assassination, that mindless mantle has been taken over by the neo-fascist Islamists.

    A plague on organized religion and its capacity to engender mass hysteria.

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