Allegheny County Council rejects ‘In God We Trust’ motion

Sep 16, 2014

By Kaitlynn Riely

The phrase ‘‘In God We Trust’’ will not be displayed within the Allegheny County Courthouse, Downtown. Members of county council voted down the proposal Tuesday night, with some members saying they believed church must be kept separate from state.

“Whenever we start mixing them, there’s going to be some problems,” said councilman Michael Finnerty, D-Scott.

Councilman Jim Ellenbogen, D-Banksville, described himself as a “person of strong faith,” but he said he does not want to see the national motto prominently placed in the Gold Room of the courthouse, where council meets.

“Putting it on that wall does nothing to make us a better council,” he said.

Councilwoman Barbara Daly Danko, D-Regent Square, said the legislative body had better things it could be doing.

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5 comments on “Allegheny County Council rejects ‘In God We Trust’ motion

  • One of the most beautiful cities in the US, with a strong and active atheist and free thought community. It Is now known more for scientific and medical innovations than steel, but “The Scientifics” just doesn’t have the same ring as “The Steelers”

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  • If the one of the purposes of the Richard Dawkins Foundation is to combat ignorance, it might be a good idea to start with the headline and newsletter writer. Both Robin Blummer’s newsletter and the headline leading to this article state that all of this happened in a county in Maryland. All you have to do is read the article and you will discover the source is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and they are talking about the Allegheny County Courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh, which most people with a rudimentary knowledge of American geography would know is in Pennsylvania. Granted, Maryland borders Pennsylvania, so you were close, but if you’re in the knowledge and critical thinking business, it doesn’t do any good to supply the opposition with ammo.

    By the way, the county in Maryland is spelled Allegany. Again, close but no cigar.

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  • “Putting it on that wall does nothing to make us a better council,” he

    Well put. And putting it on your money doesn’t make you a better nation, putting in a pledge doesn’t make you more patriotic…etc.

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