Crisis of Faith: Religious Facilities Rely On Misleading Tactics, Dupe Women

Sep 22, 2014

By Sarah Jones

A new VICE documentary reveals that publicly funded, religiously motivated crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) represent a growing national problem. Hosted by Fazeelat Aslam, Misconception tackles the misleading advertising tactics used by many, if not most, CPCs to disguise their true intentions: To dissuade women from accessing legal abortion, and to proselytize anyone who comes through the door.

The documentary begins by noting that CPCs themselves are multiplying, principally due to a crop of new state laws placing crippling regulations on abortion clinics. These laws, which, according to professional bodies like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, aren’t based on scientific evidence, shutter clinics by forcing them to adhere to minute restrictions on hallway width, parking lot size, and as Aslam explains, even the height of the clinic’s grass.

That paves the way for CPCs. And that’s where the church/state trouble begins.

Aslam starts her investigation by touring a Frederick, Md., CPC owned by CareNet. Superficially, little appears troubling about the facility, which resembles a medical office and keeps a stock of donated children’s clothes and toys available for expectant mothers. It doesn’t advertise itself as a Christian ministry, and CareNet’s CEO doesn’t describe it as one to Aslam as he’s showing her its sonogram room. But according to CareNet itself, that’s exactly what it is.

8 comments on “Crisis of Faith: Religious Facilities Rely On Misleading Tactics, Dupe Women

  • I’ve said this before here, and see no reason to change my mind.

    Generally I am against abortion, but I recognise that under certain circumstances it is the right thing to do. No woman sets out to have an abortion deliberately before having sex.

    God has nothing to do with whether abortion is right or wrong. Seeing as the vast majority of abortions are “natural”, i.e. miscarriages, then God will have to take responsibility for those if He exists, which He doesn’t.

    I wish the proselytising religios would just eff off and let people live their own lives as best they can.

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  • 3
    Miserablegit says:

    Sadly, the whole point of religion is to interfere with every part of your waking day and ideally your dream patterns as well.

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  • You said a mouthful there my man. Unfortunately, something like 85% of Americans support god-delusions. I’m not specifically addressing the article above, just god-delusions in general. Then of course there are the allah/mohammad delusions so many muslims and christians have to deal with lately. I just don’t know what a nonbelivers gonna do, I’d have to say “Heaven Forbid” if I wasn’t an atheist.

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  • Miserablegit Sep 22, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Sadly, the whole point of religion is to interfere with every part of your waking day and ideally your dream patterns as well.

    They will certainly try to!

    Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has dropped plans to limit abortion to cases of rape or where the mother’s health is at serious risk.

    The proposals had drawn widespread opposition and prompted dissent in Mr Rajoy’s Popular Party, despite being part of its election programme in 2011.

    The government will instead seek to stop 16 and 17-year-olds having an abortion without parental consent.

    Abortion is legal in Spain in the first 14 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy.

    It was first legalised in 1985 in cases of rape or physical damage to the mother or child.

    The scope of the law was broadened in 2010 by the last, socialist government and allowed abortion up to 22 weeks in cases of foetal deformities.

    The Popular Party (PP) had planned to roll back the changes – and one of the most controversial elements of the planned reform was to prevent women from aborting in cases of serious foetal abnormalities.

    Shortly after Mr Rajoy announced the government’s decision to row back on the planned reforms, the architect of the bill, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, announced his resignation as justice minister.

    He said he was not the right man to push through the revised legislation and was leaving politics after a 30-year career.

    It looks like they got rid of some bigoted rubbish from government!

    Spain is a mainly Catholic country and many PP supporters are practising Catholics, but the bill has deeply divided the party.

    Although reform to the 2010 abortion law was a key part of its election manifesto, the government took two years to draw up proposals.

    “As president of the government, I have taken the most sensible decision,” the prime minister told reporters in Madrid on Tuesday.

    “We’ll continue working towards cohesion but we cannot have a law which will just change when the next government comes in.”

    The proposals had led to large street protests, but thousands of people attended an anti-abortion demonstration in Madrid at the weekend.

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  • 6
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    … and try their best to make you feel as guilty and ashamed as possible if those “dreams patterns” happen to wander a bit too often on the wet side of the bed. They did a really great job at poisoning the well of human sexuality. The untold misery of hundreds of generations for the crime of being human. And it’s not over yet.

    Religion considers sex as a recreational activity to be sinful. Period. For the religious, the only instance in which sex is morally acceptable is when it’s performed for procreation between married heterosexual couples. Small wonder they are against BOTH contraception AND abortion (which is kind of a contradiction). It’s the only logical explanation for this contradiction in their minds.

    Only one problem. No amount of religious belief can overcome human biology. And the religious will find ways to cater to their physical needs by acting out. Resorting to hypocrisy, lies, abuse, deviant and/or controlling behavior is the massive toll that repressing human sexuality takes on the human psyche. Even secular people unsuspectingly fall victim to this deeply entrenched belief (e.g. even secular parents can be overprotective when their teenage kids start exploring their sexuality).

    Darrel Ray observes in his book “Sex and God: How religion distorts sexuality” that the number of unplanned pregnancies and teenage abortions in the US is highest in the most religious states. “Having God in your life” won’t make anybody less likely to engage in pre-marital sex. But denying secular sex education, widespread access to contraception and safe abortion services is a sure-fire way to make the problem worse.

    Religion is such a force for good in the world…

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  • I don’t understand why women continue to support religion when they are so discriminated against, when will they realize that religion is, and always will be a corrupt mens club

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  • The shame based codes of morality of the Abrahamic faiths are the mother of all double standards and I don’t mean that figuratively. As in, they are the source of most of the world’s misogyny and sexual dysfunction. Imagine how much better off the world would be if we didn’t feel compelled to act out these absurd rites of ritualized monogamy in order to justify our sexuality. (Not that there is anything inherently wrong with monogamy, just compulsory monogamy enforced by a shame based code of morality that infantilizes people.) No more being trapped in a bad and or abusive relationship. No more young women being slut-shamed or gay and lesbian teenagers committing suicide. No more being cajoled into spending half your years salary for a tchotchke that goes on your girlfriend’s finger because she demands that you “put a ring on it.” With overall healthier attitudes about sexuality, IMO society would see a reduction in sex crimes.

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