Elegance of Biology (#8342)

Sep 2, 2014

I know you are a busy man and I doubt you have the time to read random emails from seemingly random fans, however I feel as if I posses a debt of gratitude towards you which no gift nor atonement can fulfill.

I am sure that you hear from many people that you change their lives, but you changed my life in a quite profound way, you introduced me to the beauty of life, the elegance of biology, I have since endeavored to learn anything and everything about animals and the general animal kingdom possible.

Originally I was stuck in the murky mist of pseudo-agnosticism, addicted to the false hope of immortal life, however your books helped to shatter this illusion and showed me beauty I had been arrogantly ignorant of.

You have given me something of value which transcends all other values, and I am ashamed to admit that I posses a debt to you which can never be repaid.

I hope that this humble letter can be minor compensation for such an awesome transaction.

Thank you.


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