Gatlin Hale, Converts, #(2042)

Sep 30, 2014

Essentially, from my childhood indoctrination to about 13, I was a Christian. Having been forced to do science projects for school kept me from opening my eyes earlier, but when my 8th grade science teacher taught some microbiology, and natural selection to me is when I opened my eyes. I became agnostic due to that. 
When I entered the 9th grade I was pretty militant and made sure my classmates knew that I was agnostic. Halfway through the school year I became an atheist. And it has changed my life. These past few years have been the greatest of my life. Before my agnosticism/atheism, I wasn’t truly happy. I was delusional and mad at the world while believing that I loved something that most likely doesn’t exist. 
Currently, my mom and dad feel they are failures as parents. Considering, I alerted them to my atheism this spring. I don’t find them to be failures at all, because it is the job of parents to teach their children to discover themselves/things on their own. As well as, make choices for themselves later i life. They were very successful I feel.

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